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Client submitted feedback:
***FEEDBACK on EBAY is 350+ positive / 0 neutral / 0 negative (account name ‘JeremyBlackwell’.)
Completed transactions on PAYPAL is 1000+
FEEDBACK on SUPRAFORUMS iTrader is 100 positive / 0 negative (username ‘JeremyBlackwell’.)

Lots of feedback can be found on NAGTROC / GTR Life.com in a thread about our company becoming their first approved International Premier Vendor: http://www.gtrlife.com/_/gt-r-lif/introducing-premier-vendor-speed-for-sale-r32

***QUOTE from Dusty Womack, owner of MVP Motorsports & SupraForums:Jeremy is an up-front & honest guy. No one should be afraid to buy a Supra from him.

***QUOTE from Mike Sueto, representative for AutoMeter Products and builder of their Supra show-circuit car:Thank you very much Jeremy for assisting me with my recent purchase of a 97 TT Supra. Jeremy was kind enough to answer and assist me with all of my questions and concerns about the vehicle. With only a few weeks remaining, Jeremy was able to order me a wave of parts in preparation for the cars debut at Hot Import Nights Chicago as the feature vehicle for Auto Meter Products. Thank you again Jeremy, and I will definitely be doing business with you in the future.

***QUOTE from Nick Hogan:I’m just gonna give the cliffs notes because this could be a very long story1. went to NOPI [SpeedForSale’s 2005 NOPI Nationals Supra group] with my supras and everything was great2. started pulling my cars out of their parking spaces on the last day to load em up on the truck to go home when my green supra had absolutely no power at all (electrical)3.before i could even get my ass under the hood to start diagnosing this problem Jeremy [from ‘Speed For Sale’] was already there with a multimeter and tracing my problem

4.jeremy, me,glenn irizarry and bryan smith (big thanks to bryan and glenn as well!) could not figure this stupid shit out and started to go for the ignition switch

5.Jeremy and bryan think of one more thing and BOOM its a bad ground….so we re-grounded it and the car started NO PROBLEM
anyways, i just wanted to let you guys know how much of a damn good guy Jeremy is and i would recommend him to anyone looking for a supra (his cars are clean as ****.) THANKS Jeremy and Bryan as well!

***QUOTE from Ryan Hardwick (we modified his GT-R):
I have got to say that the recent mods that I had done by Jeremy and his crew at Speed For Sale has produced one hell of a car!!Jeremy has worked with me on my Super Silver GT-R since day one, and has guided me every step of the way. Our first set of modifications were a set of 5Zigen mid pipes, 5Zigen exhaust system, and the Cobb AccessPort.While the first round of mods really woke the car up, it wasn’t until Jeremy was able to put together this second set of modifications that turned the GT-R into a real world race car!We installed the first set of 5Zigen downpipes that were shipped into the U.S., a set of high performance actuators, an HKS EV6 boost controller, HKS BOV kit with polished piping, and HKS spark plugs. Jeremy and his team took their time with the installation and made sure everything was set up perfectly. They also took the car to the dyno to make a custom tune for the Cobb Accessport and also did several hours of data logging so that the ECU was tuned perfectly with the mods on the car and all the parts worked together safely and effectively.All I can say about the results is WOW!! The car pulls so damn strong all the way through the rev range, and the boost really hits hard. We have it set on 16.5 lbs of boost, and compared to the stock 11.5 lbs, it is such a HUGE difference.I can’t say enough about Jeremy and his crew over at Speed For Sale. They have my GT-R running strong and reliable on pump gas. We didn’t get a chance to make a dyno pull on the 16.5 boost setting, but this set up should be in the 570 hp range because all parts are similar to the HKS GT570 kit (but for much less the expense).

Thanks again to Jeremy and the crew over at Speed For Sale!!

***QUOTE by Bob from GT-R Life forums:I wanted to let you all know about what happen this past week and tell you about Speed for Sale. I was doing a private event at Road Atlanta (more on that later) on 2 July 2013 and had a pro driver in my car. After the event the pro came to me and said my brakes needed to be replaced. Now I live in Orlando and I had a long drive home so I didn’t want to take any chances. I have Endless Me-20’s and RB Brakes rotors. I called Speed for Sale as I was in Atlanta and needed to get them changed before I went home. I talked with Jared and asked him if he had the parts in stock. He had the rotors but not the Endless pads. He did have the XT960’s from RB though. I told him I will take them and we needed to put them ASAP!I have been traveling a ton with work/One Lap of America/ more work/events and so on. My issue was on the 3rd of July my wife expected me home as it is our anniversary. I called Jared again and asked it was all possible to open the shop early to get my brakes inspected and changed if needed. Jared said “No problem, see you at 7 AM”. I had about a 6-7 hour ride home and wanted to make sure I made the dinner plans my wife had setup, or as you married guys know what happens if you miss it!I pulled in at 7 AM on the nose and Seton was waiting on me and pulled the car around to get started. Jared wanted to measure the brakes/rotors and ensure all was good before making any changes. He explained during the inspection I needed pads however the rotors were good and could keep going more if needed. I explained since we had the tires/calipers off might as well change them now. I didn’t want to purchase them and lug them to Orlando and change them later on since we could do it right now. I told Jared please replace everything since we already had everything off. Jared said hang on one sec and went back under the wheel well and measured again for something, and came back up and said your getting free rotors. Looks like this pair had a small defect in them and you will be getting new ones and no charge! WHAT???????I was ready to buy the rotors and even told him so. Who does that? He had my credit card!!! Now he tells me they are free? He could of just swapped them out and replaced everything, taken my money and said good day! I have to say this was very impressive! What a stand up shop! This so called defect had to be small as we did One Lap of America 10,000 plus miles and 5 30 minute sessions at Sebring and then Road Atlanta! Defect? What defect?I have to say Speed for Sale is a ethical company that does the right thing. Jared knew I had my car done at TopSpeed and had nothing but nice things to say about them as well. No jabs or hits. Just nice things. Jared also showed me a new battery they have for weight savings and since I didn’t buy rotors I picked one up! Some new technology no battery drain type thing. Can’t wait to get it in and install it.

I just wanted to let you all know that Jared and Speed for Sale are a nice and ethical company that do the right thing! Thanks Speed for Sale!

***QUOTE from Tony, who purchased many GT-R parts from us:
I thank god so much who let me know a nice person like Jeremy Blackwell and his company SpeedForSaleJeremy is always on time in his works answering and helping me and solving all my problem I had in my GT-RHe’s always there for me day and night no mater the big difference in time between country’s ( Lebanon – Beirut )He’s the most HONEST person I deal with …….He always offer me the best advise for upgrading my car .And he care so much about all his customer including me and give them the correct advise no matter big issue or smallOffering the correct parts and the best price with the quickest delivery

After one year I made business with Jeremy and his company there is not enough words to describe him ………..

Jeremy and SpeedForSale are the one and only place for who want the best service and all kind of parts to his GT-R

Sincerely yours

Tony Ghawy

***QUOTE from Russell Newman (purchased GT-R parts:)
fantastic service , great communication, superfast delivery, you guys rock , thanks very much

***QUOTE from Ryan Hoskins, we brokered his widebody Supra:When I finally decided to sell my Supra that I had owned for 6 years, Jeremy Blackwell (Speed For Sale) was the first one I called. After a couple of weeks, Jeremy had some serious solid leads, and before I knew it, a buyer. Throughout the process he was professional and always extremely fast with a response via email or phone. Jeremy was very instrumental in helping myself and the buyer close the deal as he was with us the whole time. Anyone who is looking to sell a high-end vehicle, Speed For Sale is the place to go!

***QUOTE from Arthur J., brought his Supra to us for repair of an irregular rich condition caused by the VPC and hose issues, installation and dyno-tuning of an SAFC2 in our custom glove box panel, re-routing vacuum hoses to their proper locations, and much more:Jeremy,Thank you brother, for everything! I apologize for the long delay in responding, but the military has had me busy (preparing to deploy) since I last spoke to you.Jeremy Blackwell is the only person that I will trust to work on my Supra. He is the most honest person I have dealt with in the past 10 years of owning my car. He is very meticulous and methodical in his approach to troubleshooting and keeping the customer informed of progress, set-backs or diagnosis. Jeremy has a “never quit” mentality and he will not rest until the problem is solved.I have dealt with many so called Supra mechanics, most of them only managed to diagnose that my car had a problem but no earthly idea how to fix it. I happened to be surfing the net looking for a local Import tuner (As I have done many times in the past) and found Jeremy’s website. I read what so many other satisfied customers had to say about him and before I knew it the Supra was on a trailer headed to Atlanta. Jeremy not only diagnosed my car, he found many things that were incorrectly installed by nameless tuner shops, re-worked other peoples mistakes and managed to fix little quirks that I had about the car and I can honestly say, he is the only one that I will allow under the hood of my car from now on. The day I returned to Atlanta to pick up my car, Jeremy took me for a sneak peak of what I would later call “The best 4 hour trip I’ve ever driven with a smile.” My car ran like it was new, and Jeremy, brother, I owe it to you.

Thanks for being the honest business man that you are and you definitely have a repeat customer in me.



***QUOTE from Frank Losito, bought a silver 1998 Viper GTS from us:“Dear Jeremy, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you. Not only were you a pleasure to deal with when I purchased my Viper but the way you treated me and my Viper when I brought it back to you for service. You have been completely honest and trustworthy in every aspect of doing business with SPEEDFORSALE.COM and you will have me as a loyal customer for years and years to come. Of course the proof is in the pudding as of course you know that I have referred my brother to you and many of my friends. Don’t forget if I can ever return the favor for you on your home mortgage please let me know. Thanks again. You are one of the most “stand up” guys I have ever done business with.
Sincerely, Frank Losito

***QUOTE from Ken Henderson (streetable 1110 rwhp Supra):
With all the work and money invested into my black car, some time ago I decided to have the car appraised and use the resulting work product to negotiate with my current carrier or to go with Rally, Hagerty or some other outfit. After selecting an appraiser, and the appraiser agreeing to do the work, I was never able to make contact with the appraiser and complete the process after months of trying. I turned to SpeedForSale in an effort to complete the appraisal of my car.I have to tell you, the courtesy, professionalism, promptness and responsiveness of Jeremy Blackwell during this process could not have been better. When I initially called Jeremy, he was slammed getting his new website up and leaving for a short vacation at the same time. Nevertheless, he took the time to walk me through his process and told me the type of information he needed to conduct a thorough appraisal. He offered to try to get the appraisal out immediately, but I told him I would have the information he requested waiting for him when he returned to the office the following Monday.The following Sunday evening, I sent to Jeremy about a dozen photos of the car, my vehicle modifications list and the price (exclusive of labor) of every mod and part installed on the car, including a list of “Firsts” on the car and media outlets in which the car had been featured. The following day (Monday July 10th) I received an email acknowledgement from Jeremy indicating work had started on the appraisal. The next day (July 11th), Jeremy called me to say he had completed the appraisal and wanted to discuss it with me. We discussed the recent sale of comparable vehicles and Jeremy finished finalizing the document. On July 12th, Jeremy took my $99 payment over the phone and emailed me a copy of the appraisal. At my request he included two additional black and white copies, rather than the customary one copy and sent them to my home. FWIW, the emailed version contains color photos so this is a document you can save and print out as needed.From start to finish, the process could not have gone smoother. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SpeedForSale in the event you are looking to have an independent appraisal conducted on your pride and joy. Thanks again Jeremy. Your overall effort, follow-up and customer friendliness are greatly appreciated.

***QUOTE from Talib in UAE (bought GT-R parts from us:)
Special thanks to Jeremy Blackwell for his honest & kindness..
Speed For Sale will be my first choice to deal with such straight forward guy…Jeremy,thank you very much.

***QUOTE from Arick (we modified his 2009 GT-R):
Hey Jeremy,
Just wanted to say thanks for the help with the car again. Got back from Talladega this weeked and the car performed quite well. Definitely less understeer and more neural with almost a slight bit of oversteering. Top lap time was 1:09.79, average 1:11.46 over 31 test laps. All stopwatched times. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. I’m quite happy with the car right now and just wanted to let you know.ArickAnd here is more feedback:
Hey guys,
I just got back from track day at VIR. They performed wonderfully. I found myself diving deeper and deeper into the brake zone. I think if I have to sum up the brakes in a word: Confidence. Confidence that the brakes will get you down to speed, confidence that you have perfect control through the turn, and confidence that it will be the same on the first lap as the last lap of the day. It wasn’t as apparently during the first half of the day when we ran the north course which was much more technical and not as high speed. Not that the brakes were bad, they just didn’t whoa me as much at that point (minus the linear range of control which is something that i don’t think I can ever live without now). In the afternoon, we ran the full course and I’m not sure if you guys have run it, but where it really shined was on the back straight. On my first run, coming over the crest of the hill at the top, I found myself letting off the gas and braking WAY too early. Mainly because I was afraid of what was over the hill. Ironically, after I knew what was over the hill, I still found myself braking early! At one point, I was talking to an instructor and he just laughed and said “Yeah, it’s scary. You just need to have faith.” To me, that was the brakes. On my next run, I floored it down that straight, topping out at 145mph before braking. Even then, I was STILL braking too early. Sorry, didn’t have that much faith yet :). Regardless to say though, the Alcon Big Brakes definitely gave me the confidence to floor it over the hill and charge into the “unknown” at higher speeds. All in all, GREAT product.and more feedback…
Just to reiterate what I have said before, the car is PERFECT. Any more perfect and it’s beyond my comprehension. I will have to take it to a track and really push it hard, but the fact that I can pull a 65mph 1.2g 90 degree turn without knowing that I pulled a 65mph 1.2g 90 degree turn until I looked at the readout is obscene and honestly, reckless and dangerous. That being said, at no point did I feel like that was too fast. The car didn’t even feel pushed or on edge. It was just a comfortable jog…And that’s the scary part. Not sure it’s any one part of the car or performance part but as a whole, the car’s handling ability is unlike anything else I’ve driven short of an open wheel car. So all this to say thank you for helping me build a car that helps me achieve my ideal vision of a car.

***QUOTE from Jeremy R, bought GT-R parts:
Thank you guy so much for taking the time to answer all my questions, and most importantly, thanks for getting me the parts in time for my race.Sincerely, J. Rohrs

***QUOTE from Jack C (purchased a C6 Z06 from us):
I contacted Speed For Sale because I was having difficulty locating a pre-owned Corvette Z06 with specific modifications. Additionally, I had a set budget I had to uphold. Within a day of contacting them, [Alan was] on the job and in constant communication with me. After a few days they found the perfect fit and it was well within my budget.The transaction was very smooth. They handled the communication with the seller, the transportation of the car and all the bothersome details that come with purchasing an automobile.The bottom line is- [Alan at Speed For Sale] found the car I desired for the money I was willing to spend and made it easy. What more can I say!

***QUOTE from Daniel C, purchased a ’97 RSP Supra:
Hi Jeremy,I just wanted to let you know that I took delivery of the RSP Supra today. It arrived with no problems or damage. She runs like a DREAM, and is exactly as you described. I wanted to thank you for your excellent communication and for being a real pleasure to deal with. Your honesty and integrity are second to none, and I really appreciate the advice on future mods, as well as your knowledgeable service. You gave me a lot of confidence that the car would run as expected, and your prompt responses to my questions/mailing really made a huge difference in my car buying experience.
I’d recommend Speed4Sale to anyone who’s in the market, and may hit you up for more advice about the car soon.

***QUOTE from Leo, purchased a bone stock 27k mile ’94 Supra TT 6-spd from us then had us install 15-20 items on it:
I recently purchased a 1994 toyota twin turbo, from speed for sale.com (jeremy blackwell)! I had an extraordinary purchase experience! I feel that i was treated like a vip, and I’m more than grateful to jared for assisting me with enough answers to all my questions and my concerns with the vehicle!! I feel like a valued customer and I will definitely recommend jeremy and jared to all my close friends and family!!! I would also like to add that my engine was reformated infront mount innercooler, headlights, coilover suspension, front and rear strutbar was upgraded..It was not only the work that was performed in the outer of the vehicle, but inside as well! I would like to thank jared pink for the hospitality,..not just for the airport ride of 45 minutes. to the last day i was leaving the georgia ending with a hockey game..It was a fabulous time and the opportunity to meet and greet super great gentlemen to do business with! You guys are the bomb…Leomar A. Reyes..From las vegas!

***QUOTE from Jason C. (purchased GT-R parts from us:)
I already explained to [another shop] that you can’t be beat, but if so, your knowledge and customer service are likely worth whatever difference he may be able to come up with. Rest assure, if it’s only by the typical buck or two, I won’t even consider it. If it is substancial, I’ll be sure to take tax into consideration, as well as send/fax a copy of any quote. Eitherway, the end result is I am buying from you. You won me over with your 45 minute conversation with me explaining things without me even suggesting I was buying. That, my friend, is worth the difference.As far as the “kind words”, you should hear that all the time. In my research regarding speedforsale, you put more attention into detail, customer service, and making sure the customer is satisfied more than anyone I know. I am only 37, but do know that these days it’s hard to find. I am a business owner as well, and have 120 employees, I can only hope that one day I can find someone with your philosophy to work for me. I’m the only one I know that literally eats, drinks, and sleeps making people satisfied (right behind wife and kids). The rest are around for the quick buck. Sorry to babble on, I just think you earned the credit, and people like us don’t get to hear it very often. We’re usually on the giving end. Take care, and I’ll be firing away with the questions very soon.

***QUOTE from Vic from SC (bought a 1994 Supra single turbo with 135k miles from us, and later had us install a MAP-ECU, big fuel system, and dyno tune):I went to buy a car and ended up with a life long friend. Its been a year and i have never had a better relationship with someone i have done business with. Jeremy has gone out of his way to help me and i could not be more grateful. thanks alot jeremy! Vic

***QUOTE from Chris S (patron with 2009 GT-R:)To anyone who has ever had to deal with parts websites and been angered, Jeremy will make you smile. Always on point with emails, bills, and return phone calls. He actually cares about your business. I have bought many parts from him for my GTR and have been blown away by the service I have received. Even on Saturday and Sundays working on maps for my car and sending emails he has been wonderful. You will never be disappointed and the PRICING $$$ cant be beat anywhere. Have no fear, Speed For Sale is here!

***QUOTE from Nash:
I have a 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo which I bought in March of 2010. It had the HKS VPC and GCC. I had a reputable shop in north Georgia work on it and put in the MAP ECU along with a few odd ends and tuning. I was very disappointed in their work. The car was not tuned properly. The car was not taken car of at all. The leather seats were filthy, paint chipped on the driver door, passenger side carpet was damaged, etc.I called Jeremy at Speedforsale.com and he was very polite and told me what he could do for me. He was very knowlegable about the Supras and steered me in the right direction. I brought the car in and I was impress with his facilty and personnel. I was introduced to Jared and we chatted about the car. They did a full inspection of the car and found many items that were not corrected from the other shop. At any rate, Jeremy took care of my car as if it was his own car. He kept me in the loop the whole time he worked on my car. He showed me before and after graphs of the dyno tuning and really took his time when tuning.I was so frustrated with my car and after I got it back from Jeremy, I cannot be any happier! I have a huge smile on my face evertime I drive my car. I am totally pleased with his work, his shop, his mechanics, his honesty, his expertise, his vision, his communication, and his friendship. He is THE man when it comes to tuning! Again, I would highly recommend Jeremy for any of your tuning needs. I am a very particular individual and I like things done in a proper fashion. Jeremy did everything as I requested and he has a customer for LIFE!!!Thanks for all your work and efforts to get my car back to where it should have been,Nash Solanki
Duluth, GA

***QUOTE from Russell Fraser, we brokered his 7,000 mile 300ZX TT:
Listing my heavily modded 94 300ZX with Corey at Speed For Sale was the best choice I could have made. He had the vehicle sold very quickly and was very fair throughout the entire transaction. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to buy or sell.

***QUOTE from Robert Swinburne from Norway, purchased a 1995 Supra TT from us:Hi Jeremy. Im really sorry I havent given you a write up yet. The car i bought from you a 1995 Black supra is the most beautiful car i have ever seen. Im so happy with it that i cant describe it with words. it had 19k miles on the clock, but it looked like it had less. 😛 So i just wanted to send you a mail and confirm that everything worked out as planned, the car drove like a dream and pulls like a cheetah on stereoids. so i am more than happy with the performance. I received the car 6of oct so i have had it for a little while and there has not been a single problem other than all the attention i get by pulling into a gas station, and the girls just love it, wich is a bonus : So thank you so very much for helping me with all the paperwork and answering all my stupid questions! I think you are going to get at least one other customer from norway, my car has drawn alot of attention from many other supra fans here, and i know there is one person that is looking for just the right one off your webpage as we speak. I told him to say hi from me when he finally calls you and have found his dreamcar. Keep up the good work Jeremy, and now you know how it is to ship a car to norway, and if someone calls from norway to buy a car from you, be sure to use me as a reference, i only have kind words to say about Speed For Sale, so they can just ask me. Robert

***QUOTE from Troy McTavish:
I had been looking for the perfect 300ZX for about four years when I came across one at speedforsale.com. I emailed Corey immediately and began asking him questions about the car. After a few telephone conversations and numerous emails I began to get serious about purchasing. I requested Corey take the vehicle for an inspection at an authorized nissan dealership as I was from Calgary, Canada and would not be flying down to test drive it before buying. Corey obliged and the faxed report came back perfect. Soon after, Corey Fedex’ed the appropriate documents for me to sign and I wired him the funds. He then got in contact with a shipper and arranged for it to be brought up to the border at a great price. The car arrived in great shape along with additional documents and a car cover I had also asked Corey to find. Lastly, I had asked Corey if he knew of anyone in my area that was a ZX specialist. He found the contact information for a well known mechanic up here – a few weeks ago, that same mechanic completed an out-of-province inspection on the car. The car is now on the road and I love it. Corey’s knowledge, professionalism, and integrity are second to none. I was hesitant to buy a car I had never even seen but my experience with Corey proved I had no reason to be concerned. I would highly recommend both Corey and speedforsale.com to anyone interested in a great car at a great price.

***QUOTE from Mike Wink. We fixed many issues and dyno tuned his Supra:
My car is now running perfect! After SpeedforSale’s Thoroughness, after the mess they had to fix, after all the little details; I feel my car is now bulletproof. It runs excellent and strong, and most important, it runs RIGHT! Do not hesitate to bring your car to SpeedforSale at all! Their attention to detail and perfection is second to none! Thanks again to Jeremy and everyone there!

***QUOTE from Parker B., purchased a ’95 Supra Single turbo we built and then sold:
I purchased a 95 Supra Turbo,and am more than satisfied with it,Speed For Sale is amazing!Thanks Jeremy you built a perfect Street Supra!

***QUOTE from Paul Rutter (we installed a new motor, T61 single turbo, MAP-ECU, and MUCH more to his Supra TT):
Jeremy does excellent work and is very helpful! He built my 94′ T-61 6spd Supra and did a flawless job on it. Could not have asked for the car to look any better!

***QUOTE from Saman S, purchased a Supra, parts, and appraisal from us:
I contacted Jeremy a couple of weeks ago about having my ride appraised. I have had a great experience from him in first purchasing my car, along with my RPS C/C clutch, and Megan Coil overs which I love. He asked detailed information about the car and some high res pics. I sent him all my invoices/receipts on works done on the car.I got a very detailed appraisal within a few days (on high quality paper and color pictures) with similar types of cars as mine. I ended up going with an AGREED VALUE policy thru CHUBB. I just wanted to thank Jeremy and recommend his services without reservations.

***QUOTE from Jim K (purchased parts for his R35 GT-R:
Jeremy is a VERY reasonable guy! He made every effort to give me the LOWEST price, even though his price had increased. Quick shipping and Excellent customer service!!!

***QUOTE from Dwayne G., purchased a 1998 Supra Turbo from us, and parts after the sale:
I appreciate you ordering the part. It’s great having someone like yourself guiding me through the maze of modifications that are available on my 98 Supra…You’ve been great to deal with, honest and fair, your a credit to yourself and the business, hope to have dealings with you again!

***QUOTE from Archie from NC:
First of all I would like to say the Jeremy and Jared are top notch professionals. I had the upgrade 28r turbo kit installed. My car car performs great. They called me every step of the way and kept me up on the progress and always asked me ahead of time if I wanted to repair something that need to be repaired. I have had shops do they repairs and tell me later with a huge bill I was not prepared for. They are very cost efficient but do not cut corners. I would recommend them for anyone wanting top notch service but not have to go broke.

***QUOTE from Cameron of Woodstock, GA:I had a problem with my ’97 Supra TT. So I took it to a certified Toyota/Lexus mechanic and all they did was open my hood, look inside and said “these Japanese people sure know how to pack an engine in there.” They were absolutely no help what so ever and my problem was never fixed. So I called a good friend who also owns a supra and told him my problem and he referred me to Jeremy. I called him told him my problem and told me to meet him at his shop. I got to his shop, he opened my hood and instead of wondering how they fit all that engine in there, he knew exactly what the problem was, how to fix it and any thing else you would ever need to know about these cars. Within a couple hours my car was running like a Beast. Seriously I have owned my Supra for almost 1 year and it runs far better than it did the day I bought it. For those Supra owners out there this man knows his Supras any thing you need, want or just want him to check out don’t waste your time with Certified Toyota Mechanics that don’t have the slightest clue about these cars. If you have a high performance sports car, I strongly recommend going here.

***QUOTE from Jesse Jones (purchased a Supra and parts through us:)
Jeremy was a great help with helping me find my dream car. I called him just to inquire about a 97 supra for sale, and within 1 week of talking with him back and forth, he helped me with getting it. He was great with setting up shipping, inspections, payment ect…. top notch guy.. look forward to dealing with speed for sale in the future. Dont second guess..Jeremy would not steer you wrong or try to sell you junk.. Thanks again…will post pics soon

***QUOTE from Seraphim, bought a 36k mile Supra from us:
Finally, I was able to pull myself away from the car to sit down and shoot you a feedback. I’m enjoying the car ALOT! Thanks for taking the time to set up the car inspection with the seller and the dealership. It put my mind at ease. I’ve never bought a used car “sight unseen”, so I had alot of concerns. However, you were able to address all my concerns and I ended up getting a great car. Thanks again.

***QUOTE from Carlos F.
Very grateful of Jeremy’s help on the appraisal. He made buying the Supra I have always wanted possible. The banker said that she had never seen a better appraisal than the one from Speed For Sale LLC. Jeremy also took the time to answer all the questions I had and gave me some tips and advice. Excellent service and transaction was done super fast. Thanks.

***QUOTE from Chris Lozano:
I bought a black 1994 RX7 from SpeedForSale.com, and Corey was amazingly knowledgeable and professional.
he went out of his way to provide tremendous service to me.
the vehicle is amazing I drove the RX7 from Tennessee to Missouri then drove it home to Maine all in the same week and to this day I have not had a single problem with the car.
SpeedForSale.com was truely a pleasure to work with and I hope to be doing business with them again soon.
For all of your RX7 needs and dreams see Corey at speedforsale.com and he will get you what you need.Thank you guys at SpeedForSale for making my RX7 dream come true.

***QUOTE from Marsh Elliott, we inspected then dyno tuned his single Supra:
I was very impressed that Jeremy wanted to look my car over and inspect the overall condition of my car, he is very thorough and meticulous. He knows Supras inside and out. The dyno tuning is great too, my car now cruises and pulls smoothly. All areas were watched with safety in mind , that kind of attention normally does not exist. You now have a new customer.

***QUOTE from Josh Bounds, we sold and installed BPU parts and coilovers on his 1998 Supra TT:
Jeremy recently did BPU+ mods on my 98 TT. He took his time and explained every part he was putting on my car and the work involved. He was very helpful and went the extra mile to get all my work done in a short time limit. His prices on the parts was great and the install was near flawless. I am very happy with my 400whp. He knew what parts to get and the brands were right on for what I was looking for. He is just a cool guy and he and his shop are great for the supra community.

***QUOTE from Scott C. from CA, bought a 1997 Royal Sapphire Pearl 6-speed Supra with 124k miles from us, and parts after the purcahse:
Jeremy and SpeedforSale have been invaluable in my Supra purchasing and modding. His expertise and experience have made many steps easier and more comfortable and he’s very happy to share his knowledge. I guess it’s easy when you’re talking about a car you love. Take my word for it, you’re safe in his hands. Thanks again Jeremy.

***QUOTE from Coleman M., we inspected a Supra for him, then replaced it’s motor/clutch/ect:
I was purchasing a privately sold Supra near Jeremy, though I lived a state ad a half away, and called him first for an inspection. From his detailed description and worth-the-money inspection, I bought the car sight unseen. His knowledge of Supras is vast, and his reputation among the community is admirable. He helped me through a 2 1/2 month long fiasco that came along with buying the car, even though he was getting relatively little business out of it. The prices he offers on parts in unbeatable, period. I’m not naming names, but get a quote from the cheapest retailer you know, then come talk to Jeremy. His knowledge and customer service is seond to none, and I look forward to helping him with my business as much as he’s helped me out with my car.
Jared, a mechanic working for Jeremy, was the sole hand at work in replacing my motor and clutch, and works as diligently, wisely, and meticulously as Jeremy does. It’s tough to find someone you can trust handling your car, but working with Jared over the phone was a dream come true. He worked remarkably quickly, and informed me over the phone of anything in question he ran across while building my engine. Jared even went as far as to generously offer any help or advice over the phone after I got my car back from him. 99% of the feedback on this site is in praise of Jeremy, but don’t think he’s the only expert with SpeedForSale, as his employees are exclusively well-chosen and equally trustable. I look forward to continuing business with them.

***QUOTE from Steve from NJ, bought a 1995 red 6-speed with 100k miles from us:“Dear Jeremy, i just wanted to say thank you very much for selling me such a great car. It’s amazing!! It was real helpful knowing everything about the car before i even saw it, even every negative thing about the car, that was very unusual. You are very meticulous and extremely good to your customers, especially when you installed a few parts on my car right after i bought it to drive it home, thank you again. I also wanted to let you know that extending your helpful hand out to all your customers made me feel confident and happy about about the transaction. You definitely changed my opinion about shady car salesmen. Thank you again and ill talk to you soon, steve.”

QUOTE from Ringo in Alabama:
Well what can I say about this company? I spoke to Jeremy around mid January and wanted to get some work done on my 93′ TT Supra and he was very happy to assist me and help me get the parts I needed at a reasonable price and suggested what else I can get to help perform and make it look 10x better than before. Jeremy was VERY informative on all aftermarket parts and suggested what’s good and bad. SpeedForSale work and the detail they did on my vehicle is AMAZING! Jeremy Blackwell is a stand up guy, this guy does EVERYTHING and I mean everything, he picks up the phone (even on Sunday!), fast email response, almost 24/7 on AIM to answer my questions! I mean what can you ask for? SpeedForSale is by FAR the BEST tuner shop I know and I would RECOMMEND any Supra owners to take their car there! I will the next time and the time after that will take my business to Jeremy Blackwell @ SpeedForSale for anything from itty bitty minor things to MAJOR things. Jeremy not only you have my business but you have a friend for life! Thanks alot my friend and I wish the best for you and SpeedForSale.

***QUOTE from Frederick F. (owner of the first twin GT28 sequential test Supra we built):Hey JeremyBeen awhile. Haven’t forgotten you, just busy as hell. Love the car and how it drives. Everytime I get in it, it just does something to me. Don’t drive it much but when I do I try to open it up some. What a feeling. Again thanks. Hope all is well with you and your wife.Frederick

***QUOTE from Tomi from Finland, bought a steel grey Supra Turbo from us:
“I think you have done exceptionally good job answering my e-mails,
keeping me updated and getting things done in the real life.. Thanks Jeremy! P.S. I appreciate your good customer service so much because I have had a few
bad experiences when I have tried to buy Supras through other sources. It’s
very frustrating when you can’t contact your ‘supplier’ for a long time and
don’t know what’s going on. “

***Quote from Kelly L., purchased a singlee turbo Supra from us and had us further modify and dyno tune it:
Jeremy,I wanted to make sure you had my email address for the dyno charts. It was great to watch you tune the car. I never saw Mark so nervous! He had a great time and I appreciate you guys helping him learn. He has a healthy respect for, and interest in, performance cars, and I want him to learn right. The car runs and rides great! So much better it is hard to believe. Thanks again! Kelly

***QUOTE from Jeremy G., bought a 1997 Supra with 43k miles from us:
My quest for a clean low mileage 6 speed supra (that I could afford) started a year and a half ago and ended very happily with Speed for Sale. Buying the right mkiv Supra is challenging; you want someone who really knows the cars on your side and Jeremy Blackwell is the man. He facilitated a very smooth deal from 1000 miles away and has been an invaluable source of information regarding all aspects of this incredible machine. I look forward to working with Jeremy in the future on my new quest towards 700 RELIABLE rwhp. When it comes to buying and modifying Supras I told myself that I was going to make no compromises and I believe I found a company that feels the same way.

***QUOTE from Michael T. from Canada, purchased a 1994 Supra TT we brokered:
Jeremy, I want to thank you for your efforts in selling this Supra. I am very impressed with the car and the sellers. I don’t know if you do any screening of the sellers, but Casey and his family were all very nice people. They even allowed me to use their insurance to drive the car home to avoid the hassles of permits…

***QUOTE from Todd T. from Charlotte, had us perform maintanence and performance mods on his Supra:
Jeremy was great, he was able to do everything I requested and some added things that popped up unexpectedly within the a very tight time frame that I needed. He was extremely knowledgeble and kept me up to date throughout the intire install and pointed out some things that needed to be checked and taken care of in the future.It was defenitly worth the 3 hour drive to let some one I trust do the job because he he did a completely clean stealthy job in a very short period of time!!!!!thanks Jeremy

***QUOTE from Jeff S, we appraised and inspected a hardtop single Supra he bought:
Jeremy Blackwell and his group helped me in my purchase of a supra by doing an appraisal and mechanical inspection of the car. The appraisal impressed both the bank and insurance company based on the detail and completness of the appraisal. The only way to get banks to loan money for an older car is by doing the appraisal and after I had it in my hands I had no problems getting the financing I needed. The mechanical inspection was very good and all known problems were found and solved or explained and best options of fixing the problems were given. Communication was great. Thank your guys for all your help. Jeff

***QUOTE from Ben Y., purchased one of our ‘BLACKWELL E-TTC’ kits:
I bought the True Twin Conversion Switch. Holy shit! Never thought it would be this much of a difference. My friend who is not related to the Supra community much, didnt even know about this and he has had a MKIV for such a long time, i bought him one also and he was amazed about the difference in my car with the switch ON and OFF. Awsome bunch of guys though here, you guys are great, shipping was fast as requested and everything! Easy to deal with on the phone too! Great bunch of guys!

***QUOTE from Brian:
Corey was awesome! I just bought a Mazda Rx-7 from him and it amazing!! It’s in perfect condition!!! Corey knows everything there is to know about Rx-7’s he completely blew my mind with everything he knew. An amazingly nice guy and completely up front about everything. Will definatly buy from these guys again when I’m getting another car.

***QUOTE from Lawrence Davis, SFS’s co-designer:
I am SpeedForSale.com’s HTML/PHP/graphic designer and have been putting Jeremy’s ideas into action for 2+ years. Jeremy is always a man of his word, always cool headed, and always moving forward. His attention to detail is insane, almost annoying at times. He never misses errors in our work and never overlooks problems in his cars. If you are in the market for one of the fastest cars on the road from a reliable dealer, SpeedForSale is where you want to look first.

***QUOTE from Scott Roberts, we modified his 1995 Supra (CLICK HERE):
Jeremy, Thanks for an incredible job. You gave my supra a total face lift and it looks great. Everyone that sees it goes nuts. You really went above and beyond the call of duty. I wouldn’t trust my car to anyone else. Thanks for all your help.
Scott Roberts

***QUOTE from Steve B, bought a Supra from us, and more performance parts:
Thanks for the last minute transaction. Its good to know that there is actually pepople out there that will make sure you can get everything you want as fast as possible, especially for a holiday. Thanks for all the shipments you brought me this past year, i know there was a lot, but every time i got the same great service and a nice detailed “talk” exactly about what i got does for my car and what i what to get in the future, along with which is best for my needs as well. I appreciate all the help and the hours we spent on the phone educating me about my supra. In my honest opinion, out of all the people iv talked to, you are by far the most knowledgeable and helpful, and i wanted to thank you for helping me after getting my car and all my parts from you. I wouldn’t go to anyone else but you. Have a great holiday, merry Christmass and have a happy New Year.

***QUOTE from Derek, bought a 13k mile Supra from us:
Just wanted to give some good feedback for Jeremy Blackwell at speedforsale.comWe bought a stock 94 TT Red targa top with 13.6k miles on it. Car is absolutely beautiful. We were a tad cautious about buying a car online without actually seeing it b/c of a past bad experience. I would highly reccomend him for supra sales.-derek

***QUOTES from Chris M., purchased a 744rwhp Supra from us:
(broken Record) i love this car!!!!!! … thanks again (very happy by the way).

***QUOTE from Johnathan L., bought a RX7 from us:
Buying my car was a very pleasant experience. Corey Burell was very kind and helped me out every step of the way. I would definitely buy another car through him and recommend him to everyone. Corey treats you like a friend and calls you up to see if you have any questions before and after the sale. And in the end you have made a friend out of it.

***QUOTE from Scott Malone, had us install a clutch on his Supra TT:
I just wanted to give Speed For Sale some praise and to say thanks for the excellent work Jeremy did on my car. Jeremy installed a new RPS clutch along with other related items this weekend and all I can say is that Im impressed! If you need any work done to your Supra or any parts at great prices I would highly suggest him. I own a car dealership and can get parts at wholesale and he beat those prices! He is very profesional and informative and his work is top notch! It is nice finding someone who actually has pride in his work! Jeremy is worth the drive from wherever you are coming from, turst me. Thanks for everything Jeremy, you will see me shortly to get the mods done to my Supra!!

***QUOTE from David Tierno; we built and dyno tuned his 1995 NA-T Supra
Finally got some time to post up my completed 1995 5 speed ODB1 NA-T pics.Car made 362.2 HP on a Dyno Dynamics load bearing dyno @ 8psi on 93 pump
Torque numbers were pretty much neck in neck with the HP numbers slightly less.
Car is still in the break in period and will tune for high boost later.
Looking at 14-17 psi max on 93 pump.
Car pulls really nicely and idles like stock, Thanks to Jeremy Blackwell’s (Speed for Sale) excellent tuning skills on the MAP ECU. Whom also did the install.
Extra care was taken and was executed flawlesly in my eyes.
He is very professional along with his crew (Jared and Chinchi)
Special thanks goes out to Jared and Chinchi who also had a major part in making my dream come to life. Thank you all guys. I couldn’t be happier at this point.
Top notch in my book.
I’ve always loved my car and now I love it even more.
So fun to drive I can’t get enough of it!

***QUOTE from Joe Barcinas:Hello Jeremy,
I got to drive the car a little when I got back and all i have to say is WOW!!! The car feels incredible. It feels 100x better than before I turned it in to you, even the clutch feels better( I dont know if it is because of the clutch stuff that you replaced on it or if because you bled the clutch and the other shop didnt) but it feels alot more powerful and streetable now than before. So thank you for the work that you have done, the quality is amazing!

***QUOTE from Blitz Tabanera (we brokered his Supra for him:)
My experience here at Speed For Sale has been great. Jeremy took care of everything in helping me sell my car. He is, in my opinion, by far the best and most knowledgeable person on Supras I’ve ever met. If I get or modify another Supra, it will always be through him!

***QUOTE from Frank Y. (we brokered/sold his 1997 Royal Sapphire Pearl blue Supra 6-speed for him):“Thanks Jeremy for helping me sell my 97 TT Supra for $1,000 more than my asking price. Jeremy is kind and honest to answer any of my questions and to help me in every way to sell my Supra. I will definitely be doing business with Jeremy in the future.”

***QUOTE from Tom (MooCow on SupraForums), bought a black TT Supra with 120k miles from us:i got my supra from speedforsale.com Jermey is great to work with and always helpful. hes very honest and will bend over backwards to help you out. id highly recomend him.

***QUOTE from Adam O., purchased a white 1993 Supra TT with 79k miles from us:“Hey Jeremy, just wanted to let you know that the car made it here and I’m very
pleased with it. Everything’s as you described, and it’s even in
better condition than I was expecting. Thanks for all of your help! Adam”

***QUOTE from Derrick M., purchased a BPU 1993 red wingless Supra TT with 119k from us for $22,900:“Ohh and by the way, I love this car, I never got a chance to tell you how smooth of a transaction it was buying this car from you. I looked around a good deal before I came down and everything I found was either junk or way over priced. Thanks again.”
6 months later for service/parts: “I appreciate your help with this, you?ve been really hands on with this car since I bought it which is VERY rare when buying a used car.”

***QUOTE from Tyler S., purchased a red wingless 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo hardtop from us:“Hey Jeremy, I haven’t talked to you in a while and from the looks of it you’re sure keeping busy! I just want to thank you for all of your help. Searching for the car of my dreams was a nightmare with all of the fraudulent scams and sleazeballs out there. Until the day I came across SpeedForSale.com, and simply gave you a call on the Hardtop Supra. I knew that I had found a truly upfront and extremely knowledgeable guy whom I would buy the car sight unseen.The highlight of the transaction is based on your performance knowledge and customer service expertise. I am looking forward to your custom Supra parts as I know you have the knowledge to create unique mods needing in the Supra community.Thanks again for your help and aiding in a smooth transaction. btw, let me know if you have a car cover still available that I can get my hands on 😉 Talk to you soon and Happy Holidays!

***QUOTE from Mike:
Just purchased with Speed For Sale. Certainly the best pricing, and my phone call was answered promptly (unlike some internet vendors.) Quick service, will definitely do business with again. Many thanks.

***QUOTE from David Middleton, purchased a black 1997 Supra TT we brokered:“I was in the market for a Supra for a very long time. When I finally was able to purchase one, the problem came that there wasn’t a single Supra for sale that was worth the money. After many attempts to get the one I wanted, I ran across ‘Speed For Sale’. Jeremy was awesome, he not only helped me to find a Supra that was in perfect condition, he did it fast, and with a helpful smile. He’s a great person, and has earned my trust. I’ll never buy a supra from anywhere else.”

***QUOTE from Richard, Supra owner:
I called and asked for a part that wasn’t listed.Speed For Sale went above and beyond to find a hard to find part at a great price.Thank you Jeremy and everyone else at Speed For Sale who helped me get my mint stock air filter box for my 93SupraTT

***QUOTE from Chris C.
Great Parts, all arrived on time, reasonable price…Thanks

***QUOTE from Charles B (GT-R Owner):
Thank you for your courteous and prompt service.Please send tracking information.

***QUOTE from Justin Rush, purchased a white 1995 Supra TT from us, then had us install our 500 horsepower BPU package:
“I talked to Jeremy about a Supra around Thanksgiving of 2003, and we talked probably an hour about cars in general. After I got off the phone with him I new I would buy a Supra from him, because I could tell he knew his stuff and he loves what he does. I just want to say thanks Speed For Sale.com for treating a customer the way they should be treated!!! Plus I know if I have any problems with my car he would more than glad to help me (or anybody else with theirs.) Thanks for everything, Justin Rush (Fannin County, GA)

***QUOTE from Justin Rush (same person as above, 8 months later in an email):
“Also I just want to say thanks for everything so far, with the car and Parts, You run a buisness the way it should be ran!”

***QUOTE from Steve R., purchased a 1994 Supra TT 6-speed from
“I just wanted to take a moment to drop
a note saying how wonderful of a job Speed for Sale.com
did. I have never bought anything other than a pair
of shoes on the internet, so needless to say I was
a little hesitant to buy a car online. Especially
one sight unseen, but Jeremy did an awesome job
answering all my questions & easing my concerns.
When the day was here to pick up my Supra, there
were no surprises. Jeremy had mentioned every minor
ding, dent, scratch that the car had. Even after
I called him several times with some questions about
modifications, he continued to be very helpful &
professional. I would not hesitate for a moment
to recommend him if you are looking for a car. If
you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send
me an e-mail

***QUOTE from Lane Banister, had us work on and tune his Supra:
Very pleased with the results on my 1995 Supra NA-T. Jeremy and his techs did a wonderful job re-correcting the mistakes the last mechanic did. Basically had me driving a coffin for a few months until the tranny gave, then i took it to Jeremy. The supra has been from a bone stock NA, to a mean street car …. Tuned to 17.5 psi on 93 pump gas, 13 psi on low boost, and trust me 13psi on my setup is wicked quick. I highly reccomend Jeremy to anyone that has any questions or issues with their Supra!

***QUOTE from Kostas P., purchased a 1994 Supra
TT with 121k miles from us:”I recently purchased my 1994 toyota supra
from Jeremy [SpeedForSale.com], the transaction
was flawless and Jeremy was very quick in getting
the car to me. The car was as desribed in the ad
and I am very happy with my purchase. Jeremy has
also assisted me in getting performance parts for
my car at a very good price. I would definitly recommend
him to anybody looking to buy a good used sports
car. Thanx Jeremy!”

***QUOTE from Nick D., purchased a 1994 Supra TT
with 43k miles from us:”Transaction went very smoothly. Car was
as described, no issues whatsoever. Would definitely
purchase from Jeremy again, and have been refferring
friends to him for their high end sports car needs
since last August. Definitely one of the best options
out there if you’re looking for a pre-owned sports
car, especially a Toyota Supra.

***QUOTE from Rob Johnson, who we brokered/sold another person’s Supra to:

“I just bought a 1997 Supra Turbo from Jeremy at SpeedForSale.com. He found a car for me the day that I asked him to find one, and every bit of info that he gave me on the car was no different from what I saw it in person. The service between Jeremy, myself, and the seller was excellent and fast, and I had my first twin turbo Supra within a week. If anybody asked my opinion of Jeremy, they sure wouldn’t hear anything bad about him. The service and car I bought were both perfect and I look forward to doing more business with Jeremy in the future. Thanks again Jeremy for all your help!

***QUOTE from Bill G. from Myrtle Beach, SC:Jeremy did one heck of a job on my Supra! This Supra has tons of power for a street car and sounds KILLER!!!
His prices are more than fair and the quality of his work is light years ahead of others.

***QUOTE from Jon C., we fixed problems and modified his Supra:
I have to say that you did a great job on the car, who knew that was the problem. I appreciate the effort that was involved to find the problem and now that it’s fixed the car runs 100% better. When I bought the car it ran like it needed some help and now I feel bad that I have it up for sale.

***QUOTE from Eric M., we sold him Ryan H’s widebody then appraised the car for him:
Just wanted to say Thanks Jeremy for getting our appraisal done so quickly. It made the sale transaction a lot smoother.

***QUOTE from Casey Paul, we brokered his 63k mile ’94 Supra TT:
I just sold my ’94 Supra with ‘Speed for Sale’ and Jeremy was absolutly awsome to work with very helpful and took time to anwser all my questions that i had this was my first supra to sell and ‘Speed for Sale’ made it easy and fair I will for sure be doing more business with them in the future THANKS, Casey Paul

***QUOTE from Marlon, we brokered his T78 Supra:
Jared and Jeremy were great and helped immensely to weed out the tire kickers that just want to ‘test drive’ a Supra not having any intention to purchase. I will most surely use SpeedForSale again to buy or sell. Thanks guys.

***QUOTE from Leuman, we brokered a car for him:
Hey Corey, I just wanted to thank you for such an easy and smooth transaction I dont think the sale could have gone any better. I was very pleased with the way you conducted business, and very happy with the offer. I didnt think I would get more than what I was asking for. I will definately refer you to anyone looking to buy or sale an RX-7, Thanks.

***QUOTE from Guangyong in Canada (bought GT-R parts:)
EXCELLENT customer SERVICE, SPEED FOR SALE gives me lots of useful information. THANK YOU

***QUOTE from Trent H., drove from Virginia to have us fix several problems with his Supra’s stock twin turbo system:
i found speed for sale through an add in mkiv.com. i contacted jeremy and with a matter of hours he was back in touch with me. i had purchased my mkiv from a guy who apparently had no idea what he was doing. needless to say, speed for sale is in the atlanta area and i am currently stationed in norfolk, va. i was able to set up an appointment with jeremy and i up and drove the 9 hours to atlanta. ill be honest, i was skeptical. but he seemed very confident and knowledgeable and it gave me a more purposeful reason to make the drive. i can tell you that i was not disappointed in anyway. as busy as this guy is, he was able to pinpoint 5 problems in about 4 hours and had me on my way with the biggest smile i have ever had. and it only took that long due to a hot engine. coming from the mkIII supra community, the 7mgte is the only powerplant i have ever known in a car. He not only fixed my car, he educated me more in 5 hours than i had learned in the ten years of researching and dreaming of owning a mkiv. This business is one of the most professional and people oriented company that i have ever delt with. i would bring my car to speed for sale from whereever in the country that i might be located. i just wanted to say thank you, again, for everything that you guys have done for me. and i will continue to talk about what you have going on, and bringing you my business. again, thank you, and good luck with everything that you have going on. to everyone else, this is a guy that you need to contact if you have a problem or need parts. you will not be dissapointed.

***QUOTE from Mitch Brown:
I had a very good experience working with Corey Burrell on the purchase of my car. I was first looking at an RX 7 and due to the timing on my financing was unable to get that car but it seems that timing was perfect because I was able to make a purchase even more suitable for my needs. I bought a 1995 BMW which was more what I had originally wanted and fit my needs
in many more ways. Corey was very helpful and professional with us during this time and I would recommend to anyone if you have a need for speed then Corey is the man to work with.

QUOTE from Ray, we brokered his RX7:
Corey was great to work with, and I’m still working with him to sell other cars. I recommend selling your RX-7 or any sports car though speed for sale if you are like me and don’t have time to deal with the “tire kickers” and dreamers.

***QUOTE from Adam B. we sold an RX7 to:
I recently bought a car from Corey and David at Speed For Sale. The car i bought was over 700 miles from where i lived, so i hoped that everything he was telling me was true and when i arrived there all the information that i was told about the car was correct. They were up-front with me and completly honest. I had a very pleasent and productive experiece with them and would recommend them to anyone who is looking at a car.

***QUOTE from Jeff:
Jeremy,How’s it going man? Me and Joe installed the HKS EVC-S last week and I had some time to play around with it and figure everything out with it. Being that it’s a fairly new product, I’m not sure how much feedback that you’ve got from it. Overall, I am satisfied with it. The install went well besides the tight fit in the Z32. The controls for the controller are very simple. One drawback to it compared to the EVC-VI is that you can’t set a target boost level in PSI. The controller goes by percentages for boost level and drop level. Other than that, it’s a great EBC for the price and does everything that someone would need it to. Another plus for it is the two programmable modes. I plan to use one for pump and one for race gas. I have pictures of where I mounted the components in case any customers need ideas. Thanks again and look forward to future business from me and those that I refer to you!

***QUOTE from Wei (purchased GT-R parts:)
Bought a aam midpipe from Chinchi , and it was a wonderful experience. He was very helpful with all my questions about reusing the factory gasket and about exhaust leaks. He even gave me some free gasket sealant! Now that is going beyond normal customer service!
I own few restaurants and know about customer service and this is a classic case of Great service. I will be coming back for all my future parts from Speed for sale.
Keep up the great work
PS – the package came as promised , was very well wrapped , and no damages.

***QUOTE from Chuck, purchased parts from us for his GT-R:
First and foremost, thanks Jeremy with your expertise and knowledge about aftermarket and performance parts for my GTR. I have only purchased a few items but I am happy with the choices you have helped with. Thanks for being prompt and professional when I have made an order, it is appreciated, Chuck..

***QUOTE from Fred C:
I don’t know of many people that would take time to do this, but I’m not most people. I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work and expertise in keeping my supra running like a “champ”. I don’t know how many other “stock twin” supras there are out there with over 250k on the odometer, but because of you guys it’s running harder now then it did when I bought it in 1999 with 60k on it. Actually if it weren’t for Speed For Sale LLC, I probably would have sold it by now. It’s not often that you find a shop that’s not only good at what they do, it’s their passion, I mean the way Jared’s face lights up when he’s talking to you about your car or other cars he’s worked on( and he can really go in depth), just says a lot to me about the type person/technician he is. Jeremy is just the same, his knowledge, customer service, and commitment to his business, is a big plus in my book. These guys and lady( Hi Mrs. Blackwell), aren’t just out to take your money just because you want to go fast, but what really won me over with this company is the fact that they stress the importance of getting your car back to square one, make it run as good as it can in “stock” condition, so that you have a solid foundation to modify on. They want your car to be reliable first, fast is the icing on the cake. I’ll never take my supra anywhere else( other than Toyota for an oil change, there a lot closer). So in closing I would like to say to Jeremy and his wife, Jared, Chin Chi, and the two new crew members, Happy Holidays, and I wish you even greater success in 2012 and beyond!!!!!!!”Fred”

***QUOTE from Todd, who purchased R35 GTR parts from us:
I recently installed the y-pipe,k/n,stage 2 computer upgrade, I forget what Jeremy called it he can tell you ( this is Todd from ******* Nissan ) It made a huge difference, not just a little pop, but holy- s _ _ _ power These options are very easy to install and require no professional labor. This made the 0-60 g forces go from .9g’s to 1.5g’s incredible power, third gear from 60-100 amazing. I would say that it takes the car from a high 11 second car stock to a low 11 second car after these mods. These should cost in the range of 3k total. Also remember, jeremy will give you alot of advice and he needs to be paid for that, so don’t be cheap and go buy from somewhere else, his prices are great and you have the support there from him. that is worth thousands of dollars you will save by installing the right parts the first time

***QUOTE from Le T. (purchased GT-R parts from us:)
You guys are bloody AWESOME!!!
Many many many thanks to uploading the PDF files for upgrading the GTR. I found them excellent and easy to follow.
If possible, could you guys consider placing instructions in regards to interior modifications like steering wheel changes and other little things like carbon swap overs. This would be a big help, and if you decide to put it all in a book to be sold, consider the first 10 thousand copies sold, since I will be glad to purchase them.Many thanks
Le Tran

***QUOTE from Victor (had us fine-tune his MAP-ECU on the street using our datalogging hardware/software):
Once again Jeremy saved the day. I had some tuning issues with my map ecu since i changed turbos, and in one day without a dyno, Jeremy street tuned the car and it runs awesome. I continue to rely only on Jeremy for all my supra needs. Thanks once again Jeremy for always giving me peace of mind whenever i have a problem even tho i live 240 miles away. thanks!!! Vic

***QUOTE from Danie with a GT-R in South Africa:

***QUOTE from Dave:
I just recently purchased a 93 supra and don’t know too much about them. I emailed Jared with some questions regarding where I wanted to end up with the car. I have never received such dedicated customer service. Jared and I must have exchanged 60+ emails before I ever spent a single penny, yet he was patient every step of the way no matter how many times I changed my mind. I have contacted other shops regarding other vehicles in the past and after 2 or 3 emails without a purchase they just ignore any further contact. I could not be happier with the professionalism, knowledge, and help that I have received in the previous month or so and will absolutely never take my car anywhere but to Speed For Sale. Thanks a lot guys

***QUOTE from Fred C. (had us modify his Supra):
I must say that Jeremy and the staff at Speed For Sale are THE most professional and thorough group of people I’ve ever met!! First of all, their knowledge of the car is unreal, and their work ethic and attention to detail is unmatched. My car is now running better than it ever has, and I don’t even go on the forums anymore because all the different opinions were so confusing. I love Jeremy’s theory of ” Get the car back to square one and build from there”. So now I do what ever he says concerning my supra. He knows what I want from the car, and is now helping me step by step to reach my goal. My car is by no means a trailer queen, I bought it in 2000 with 65k on it and now I’m approaching 225k with no issues at all. I still have the stock turbos on the car!! No one else will ever work on my car.

***QUOTE from Todd Silber from CT:
Major props to this guy. U know we can shop parts and nickle and dime all day for the best price. Im not sure about you guys, but I look for more than price. I also seek quality, customer security and proffesionalism when I start dishing out $1000’s of dollars.Not only does speed 4 sale just flat out give you a DAMN good price. But to talk to a person who actually seems like he doens’t have the attitude, “Im doing you a favor Todd”….. . I’m not put on hold when i call. My concerns and questions are answered with Integrity and proffesionalism. And I’m dealing with someone who seems genuine, not just some “let me try to upsell him” salesrep.I have done alot of buisness with variouse places back when I was building a pair of MkIII’s, I’m not gonna bash or point fingers. But now that im building a MkIV, Speed 4 sale will be my “go-to-guy”. I never dealt with a local place or a internet buisness that can match price, class, or proffesionalism with Jeremy @ speed4sale.-Todd

***QUOTE from Jeff:
I first heard about SpeedforSale through my Brother-in-law who never had anyhthing negative to say about the shop. A few months ago, I ordered Megan Racing DP/TP’s. Awesome service and great price. The product arrived on the exact day that Jeremy said it would. Last Friday (4Dec09), I ordered the Z1 single pop charger and the new HKS EVC-S. Again, Jeremy didn’t hesitate to get me the best price he could and the parts arrived within 3 days.
All in all, I strongly recommend SpeedforSale for any Z needs. From what my brother told me, they’ve also got a great tuning shop on site as well. I am not downing the other [shops out there] but, Jeremy’s running one hell of a reliable shop up there. Check them out and I’m sure you won’t be dissappointed.
I also agree with a previous feedback poster on here. Jeremy is a stright up, honest guy willing to help out with any issues or questions. Keep it up SpeedforSale!

***QUOTE from Diane O.
What a joy to work with such experienced and honest people at Speed For Sale. I originally brought my car in to the Honda dealer (where I originally purchased the car). They quoted me on certain repairs, yet there was one problem they could not fix; the window washer jug seemed to have a leak and they could not find it. They advised me to just leave it alone – which I did not want to do. I called Speed For Sale to see if they worked on Honda’s. When the owner said yes, I brought my car in. Jared worked diligently and found and more importantly FIXED the problem with the window washer jug. To my amazement Speed For Sale’s prices were lower than what the dealer quoted me on the repairs and of course they found the problem with the window washer jug whereas the Honda DEALER could not find. I will ALWAYS bring my car to Speed For Sale from now on. You will never find a more honest and experienced group of guys. Oh and did I mention the prices were great? Thanks Speed For Sale!
A VERY happy customer for LIFE.

***QUOTE from Mike Wink (1994 Supra TT):
Jeremy is going through my car having to fix someone elses MESS!! So far he has gone above and beyond. VERY reasonable rates. Above average service. Explained everything! I look forward to further work from SpeedforSale! I have been to 2 shops in the Atlanta area both screwed my car up pretty bad. After talking to Jeremy this morning. I have found the only place to take my car from now on!

***QUOTE from Michael Beaumier (purchased an RX-7 from us):
I just wanted to let the other people who are checking out the web site know how great and easy it was working with you when I bought the RX-7. Anytime I ever have questions about a mod or technical questions you are always quick to answer the phone or call me back with the answers I need. I have had many people ask me about my car and I am always quick to send them to you. Thanks for all that you have done for me so far and I’m sure I’ll be getting in touch with you for something else about my car soon. Thanks again.

***QUOTE from Karl V. (we modified his STi):Jeremy, Jared,I wanted to take time to Thank You for the installation of my coilovers on my 06 STI a week and a half ago.
It was a pleasure to work with you and a stress free process. I appreciate you were able to take care of my car on such short notice! I took my chance by calling you 2 days before. I tried, as last week Friday was my birthday and was hoping you would be able to take my car and install all my suspensions parts. It was a nice birthday gift!
Thank you to Jared for taking extra care and time on making my car perfect .
The car is completely transformed!
I, also, like the fact you took care of the appointment at GTE (which did a very good job on the alignment), it makes the process easier.
You, really, have a great team with you and I hope you will be my last shop for all the maintenance needs on my car, if you’re willing to work on a Subaru!
Quality work at a fair and honest price.Looking forward to work with you again,Sincerely,Karl V.

***QUOTE from Mike M, had us do a valuation appraisal:
Thanks for all your help. If I wouldn’t have been for you, my insurance company would have succeeded in lowballing me and I would have fell victim to that. I appreciate everything you did from the quick email responses, respectful manner in which you spoke to me, and the quick work you did on my appraisal report. I wish you and your company the best.

***QUOTE from Lee Hubbard:
I was in the market for brakes for my Supra when my friend (Ahmad Nazir, who also used Speedforsale) referred me to this site for great product and prices. I was looking for Rotors, Pads, and stainless lines all around and they beat everyone else by over $100. Great customer serivce and prices! Earned a customer. Thanks again.

***QUOTE from Mike:Hi Jeremy,Hey just wanted to write to thank you for the help with the exhaust for my GT-R, it’s awesome! Not only does it sound incredible but what a nice boost in performance. The Nissan dealer who installed it was impressed with the quality of construction and the ease of installation. Great product!!Thanks!Mike Stephens

***QUOTE from Adam Fischbach:
I had ordered a set of Megan coilovers for my 97 Supra TT over the phone from Jeremy. I must say, he offered excellent customer service. Not only did he let me take my time to decide whether or not to order, he took his time to explain some of the questions I had, including details of the installation and product comparisons. I appreciate that he cares for his customers and remembers them by name. He is a very great guy and offers an awesome performing product! I am very happy with the coilovers from the ease of installation to the quality of the product. Jeremy did everything in his power to make sure the transaction went smoothy and was even generous enough to make it up to the customer, me, when there was a small shipping problem on the supplier end. Thank you! I will be shopping from him again in the future.

***QUOTE from Brent:
very good customer service, probably the only shop that answer their phone and return your call in a timely manner. thanks jeremy for walking through the process in picking out a setup that i would be happy with…

***QUOTE from Todd Silber:
Top notch, knowledge, prices, and service as always. Been a customer for well over a year, Built a supra to 600hp and spent my share to invest into my car. And thought I give thanks to a lot of places and people. But 90% of any Help, parts needed, or advice has come from Jeremy @ speed for sale. Thanks for being a great resource and place to do buisness with.

QUOTE from James B., bought parts from us:
I just bought and installed a set of Megan Coilovers for my MKIV TT. The coilovers are great, they provide a large amount of adjustablity from ride height to dampening. The customer service from speedforsale.com was amazing. Very easy to work with. I paid for 2 Day Air shipping out to Hawaii and got them in only one day. Very quick and easy to do business with Jeremy Blackwell.

***QUOTE from Jon Cagle:
Ridiculously fast turnaround on the modded Supra TT ecu. Had it out, modded, and back to me within 3 days. Would easily do business again.THanks Jeremy!

***QUOTE from Bassem from Australia:
Purchased T1R Brake Lines for R35 GTR.Super fast international delivery to Australia great service great product, highly recommended.

***QUOTE from Trent B.:
Jeremy,Thanks for taking time out of your day the other week to answer my questions about the GTR. I know you are a busy guy, but I thought you were really classy. I could tell you have character because you could have blown me off as some idiot that is just starting out in collecting, but you didn’t. I have always loved cars, if I could make the same money at it that I do in Residential Appraising, I’d change in a heartbeat. I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to getting to know you better.

***QUOTE from Erik R:
Jeremy is the man! Excellent prices and outstanding customer service is what makes Speed for sale a pleasant buying experience on my book. Thanks a bunch!

***QUOTE from Vincent C., bought parts and services from us:
SpeedForSale consistently beats the competition and delivers on time with superior customer service. On my most recent purchase for my MKIV Supra they even beat Ebay’s Exhaust price by over $70.00!

QUOTE from Ian A, bought parts:
Jeremy at Speed For Sale was extremely friendly and helpful on getting me a part for my 300ZX. I needed a driveshaft, and it was here in 2 days. I didn’t even ask for fast shipping, but wow! Great Company and Wonderful Service! Thanks again Jeremy!

***QUOTE from Rudy L.
just wanted to say thanks to jeremy for the great customer service and parts that I have ordered in the past if I had to rate speed for sale I would give 10/10 one of the best sites I have ever done buisness with.

***QUOTE from Steve B. in Atlanta:
I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance in diagnosing my Supra’s issues with stalling & difficult hot restarts!This problem was apparently fixed by replacing the fuel pressure regulator and cleaning the throttle body.I now believe that this issue actually started years ago and got gradually worse and worse because now it runs very smoothly under all conditions (for years it would stumble/hesitate at low speeds when weather was humid, when engine was cold, etc. but all of those symptoms have disappeared).Remains to be seen what will happen with the DTC’s but time will tell.Thanks again,
Steve Burrell

***QUOTE from Mikey Smith:
Speed For Sale is a Great company and I have recieved nothing but the Best from Jeremy. He is an outstanding guy and i look forward to doing a lot more buiness with him. Jeremy goes out of his way for his customers as if they were his closest friends. All around great guy and company and i would vouch for him in any situation. Thanks Jeremy/Speed-For-Sale

***QUOTE from Dale T (we built his Supra):
Hi Guys-We got back to Raleigh in about seven and a half hours-an hour longer than it should have taken-due primarily to the bumper-to-bumper traffic over to I-85.It’s good to have the car back. It’s certainly a different car though. Along the way, when the traffic and road conditions allowed, we did a few, short 4th gear pulls from 60mph, all with the BC off. My conclusion is the same as yours–he car has more power than it can get to the ground and not only needs sticker tires, but probably some sort of traction control. I’ll play with a while the way it is before moving in that direction.Thanks once more for all your advice, hard work and professionalism during my build.

QUOTE from Ahmad Nazir:
Speed for Sale has A+ service. I contacted Jeremy on AIM and he responded to me immediately. I had been looking for a OEM shifter for about two weeks and had no luck in finding one. I asked Jeremy if he had one and he sure did. He gave a me a great deal on it and was very helpful throughout the entire purchase. He will definately be getting more business from me. I will be recommending him to all of my friends.

***QUOTE from Mike A:Hi Jeremy,You may or may not remember me, but I bought a set of Megan coilovers from you awhile back. You may also remember that I wrote to you stating that I had some sort of clunking type sound, shortly after I had them installed.I emailed you, and we went over a few possible suspects. Everything checked out fine in those areas.But just to let you know, I managed to find what the problem was. It was a worn out front driver side ‘end link’ for the sway bar. It was still attached and connected to the sway bar, but the socket section was worn out, and the little boot (while still on) was dry inside.So I ordered up a new set of all 4 OEM end links from Toyota, (might as well replace all) since they are 10+ years old, and the “clunk” sound went away.

I thought just in case you got any other emails, I figured I would let you know what the cause was.

The coilovers are still doing great, and I have referred you to a friend of mine as he’s looking for a set. I told him about S4S, and you, and I’m sure he’ll get in touch with you. His name is Ray, and he’s also from up here in Canada with a 95TT 6spd.

Again thanks very much, and I figured referring him to you, was the least I can do, for you helping me.

Take care, and I hope to do further business in the future.


QUOTE from ‘Bubba’ from Knoxville:
Jeremy really went out of his way to help me with my recent purchase of a 2JZGTE swapped Lexus SC300. I needed an appraisal of the car last minute and Jeremy took care of it for me. He was quick, professional, and very helpful.

***QUOTE from Mike C; bought GT-R parts:I am really enjoying my recent buy (invoice attached) of the T1R exhaust system with cat-back exhaust, AAM intakes and COBB system. I received all in good condition and installed it. Sounds great with huge low end power/torque increase. You were right about the sound, nice but not excessive!

***QUOTE from Soheil A., bought a reprogrammed stock Supra ECU from us:Jeremy was great to deal with. He was communicative throughout the whole process of getting my rev limiter raised on my OBD2 ECU. Turn around time was even better than promised. Will not hesitate to do business with Speed for Sale again.

***QUOTE from Reid B., had us rebuild his built and turbocharged PT Cruiser’s engine after damage due to a previous builder:
I have to say, I am very impressed with this entire event- except for
the actual engine failure. However, at least you took the time to
figure out what the root cause of the engine failure was and treat it
not just replace what part is acting up at the time. You have been
extremely communicative throughout this entire process and have dug
right in to make sure you looked at everything, not just one part of
the equation. By far, you have been the most professional shop I have
dealt with in over two decades of my involvement with performance
cars. And all of this attention for a normal street car, not a high-
end machine. My hat is off to you.Thanks a lot, Jared.

***QUOTE from James B.
The Toyota 4 x 4 Four Runner that my wife owns starting leaking oil out the front crankshaft seal on a vacation trip. We were hauling and pulling maybe 800 lbs. I E-mailed factory Toyota and ask if they could give me any inforamtion to my problem because we checked the PVC valve and it was O.K. They told me carry it to a dealership and would not give me any more information. The feelings that I have toward Toyota, without customers they would not have dealerships ! I contacted Speed For Sale/ Jeremy, and the 4-Runner was hauled to his shop. Jeremy keep in touch and finding the problem to be that the torque converter was causing the crankshaft to shift forward and it also damaged the engine. The engine,torque converter,oil pump and other needed parts were replaced. Thanks Jeremy, and Jarad, for all the hard work with NO Help from Toyota ! Speed For Sales prices was a Hell of lot cheaper than a dealership.

***QUOTE from Howard:
The staff at SpeedForSale is extremely helpful. They are willing to go the extra mile to make sure I have everything I need with my order. Chinchi, the parts manager, has been great at answering my questions and contacting part manufacturers if I am missing something from the parts. Keep up the great service.

***QUOTE from John:
Thankyou you for your help. You guys were very helpful and I also love your site

***QUOTE from David (GT-R Owner:)
Thank you for an excellent shopping experience. As an Aussie we have to pay exhorbitant prices for performance parts due to our small market over here. Unfortunately it all comes unstuck if we don’t want to buy huge quantities once we have to pay shipping. Many of us don’t care is the goods take a long time to arrive so are happy for the slowest possible (USPS?) shipping method. If there was a way of reducing shipping costs most Aussies would but online!

***QUOTE from Randy:1993 Ford Ranger Pickup truck – Faulty A/C. SpeedForSale did an excellent job in both diagnosing the problem and resolving it by converting the AC…and making the repairs. The truck AC and Heat are like new. Service tech was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, had superior communication skills, and the repairs were done meticulously. I couldn’t ask for more, and all at a very fair price. (much less than other places had estimated)Highly recommend SpeedForSale!Thanks!

***QUOTE from Bruce, had driveability issues with his car:I highly recommend Jeremy. He has been very helpful towards my problems with my supercharged/built 96 SS camaro. he seems so eager and passionate about his work. He has offered his valuble time and advice for me. Thanks Jeremy

***QUOTE from Johann, owner of a MKIV Supra:
Best online service I have ever received! Cheapest Supra parts online. Thanks alot Jeremy for being so helpful!

***QUOTE from Michael Y., bought parts for his Supra from us:
I’ve heard great things about them, and it has been proven. They have excellent customer service and are very reliable. He responds very clearly and quickly through e-mail, and the item was shipped just as quickly. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

***QUOTE from Aaron, bought used wheels/tires from us:
Hi Jeremy,
I think I forgot to send you a message to thank you for sending me the rims and tires. They are exactly what I needed and will work out great for my project.
Thanks Again and Happy Hoildays,

***QUOTE from Peter from our FEEDBACK section:
Thanks Jeremy for you help on a recent question I had. Although I am not a customer, your advice was much appreciated. It helped me to save 200+ dollars on some work that did not need to be done. Thanks man I am really thankful that you answered my question quickly and completely. Sincerely, Peter P.

***QUOTE from Tobe on our FEEDBACK section:
Although i have yet to buy my supra, Jeremy has been the
man of the hour every hour! Any time i have a question/concern Jeremy has been there to help me out and literally teach me about the supra. I cant think of anyone else i would go to for a good car,honest/knowledgable staff, and an all around great person who takes pride in his work!! I know who i can trust. Thanks for everything, Tobe

***QUOTE from Bob D.:
Mr. Blackwell,
Please accept my congratulations for one … if not THE most …. honest Viper ads I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Truthfully, I really appreciate your information and insight.

***QUOTE from ZEROREGRDTS off SupraForums:I was in the midst of buying a supra TT from an individual and had some really important question to make sure I made the right decision on my purchase. He was completely upfront on his supra lineup. Even though I didn’t purchase from him because he simply didn’t have exactly what I was looking for, he took the time to talk to me in depth about issues of another supra I was considering. His knowledge and honesty is extremely apparent and he believes in his product by knowing the cars he sells inside and out.Thank you Jeremy Blackwell……..

***QUOTE from Jeremy Balsinger:I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who is in the
market for a high performance sports car. I almost
bought a 93 supra from him but the deal did not work
out through my bank. Even though the Supra I have now
wasn’t purchased from him, Jeremy did not hesitate to
help me with some trouble-shooting on my car. He also
went out of his way many other times when I was
looking to buy one of his cars. He lets you know every
last detail on the car you are interested in and if he
isn’t going to fix a problem on one of his cars he
will definatey let you know how to get it fixed. He
knows his stuff when it comes to todays sports cars
and when I am in the market again for another car I
will definately let him know. Take my word that you
won’t go wrong doing business with Jeremy.

***QUOTE from Cathy M:I haven’t personally bought anything from SpeedForSale.com but I check the site out often to see what new supras are available. I recently wrecked my 94 6-speed Supra and contacted Jeremy to see if he’d be willing to give me an estimate of the market value of my car so I can give it to my insurance company. Jeremy was very understanding and offered to help. He sent me an appraisal within hours of us talking. I truly appreciate it and I’m sure it will help with my insurance company. Once I recieve my money from them I definitely know where I’ll be looking for my next Supra! 🙂 Thanks again.

***QUOTE from Liviu in Romania, purchased GT-R parts:
fast reply,fast shipping!
good services!

***QUOTE from 98BPU on SupraForums feedback section:i want to give a huge thanks to jeremy at speed4sale.com, he was a huge help in the install of my MAP-ECU. thanks, joe

***QUOTE from T61SupraDean on SupraForums:“Jeremy sold my buddy an MKIV [’94 Supra TT] and
it was a flawless transaction on jeremy’s part….
there was a problem with the [buyer’s] funds at
first i believe, but he delivered the car the next
day from TN to CT and it was very clean….Excellent
transaction from him.”
“Hey Jeremy, my buddy andy bought that 94 black 6 speed tt from you back 6 months ago. You shipped him the car without having any payment in your hand at all. He drove the car 3 days without you getting a dime, now that’s a great seller!!!!
Car was everything he expected (only the door was replaced but couldn’t tell until you stripped it down) which is nothing. You are a great seller and wish to deal with more people like yourself.” – T61SupraDean

***QUOTE from Mike 92LX on SupraForums:“I have a friend who bought a MK4TT from Jeremy Blackwell and after examining the car for a couple of hours it was great deal for him. The car’s VIN came up clean as well. Its nice to see some non sleaze balls selling Supras.”

***QUOTE from Steve R., purchased parts from us:Jeremy, to be honest with you, I have only had one other company with which I have had such great customer service with, and let me tell you, I not only appreciate the way you have handled yourself, but will be recommending you to anybody that is looking to buy a sports car or parts. Thank you for your timely responds and I am sorry for any inconvenience or delays that I may have caused you by taking time from you.Thanks again, and I will hopefully be ordering from you guys soon.
Steve Ramirez

***QUOTE from Mike L., purchased Megan Coilovers from us:
Very happy to do business with Jeremy Blackwell and Speed for Sale. He took the time to provide useful tips and completed the order the same day. Absolutely hassle free, would do business with again. Thank you Jeremy!

***QUOTE from Ylli:I spoke to Jeremy about a year ago about a silver Supra I was interested at. Jeremy was very helpful and gave me all the details I asked for. If you are planing to purchase a Supra contact him I believe you won’t regret it.

***QUOTE from Jonahthan D.:
Very happy of the service that Chinchi gave to me. I will do business with these guys again for sure! Good prices, Good communication! A+

***QUOTE from Carrie from our feedback system:“This sight has good info I was looking for. I am bringing back a twin turbo, supra from Japan, and I was looking at the selling price. I am under the impression that with my car style, such as the stearing wheel on the right side, and different modes, it would be more appiling to the eye. Thanks for the sight.”

***QUOTE from Anthony H, purchased parts from us:
I recently heard about speedforsale.com via supraforum and how they had great prices on aftermarket goodies which is very important to myself because im only in college working as much as possible between school.
I ended up purchasing the megan racing coilover kit from Jeremy Blackwell who I\’d like to say is a very professional business man who got my order out quickly promptly. I had such a good expirence I told my friend about this site and he ended up ordering the same coilover kit as I did.
Will gladly do business again.
Thanks again!

Jeremy is a very professional guy who genuinely cares about his customers and their cars. He is very helpful in finding parts and making recommendations on what could/should be done to modify your car. I see myself as being a long term Speed for Sale customer.

***QUOTE from Alex H.:
These guys are the best. Very knowledgable and professional. Among other items I ordered wheels that had a slight clearance issue and they did whatever it took to make it right. I highly recommend this company for any of their speciality vehicle related purchases.

***QUOTE from Mitch, purchased parts from us:
Invoice came really quick, which is always appreciated

***QUOTE from Jonathan G:
I emailed Jeremy about a custom boost leak tester and Jeremy was very thorough to make sure that I got the correct size I needed. I recieved a quality product that works well. I am very satisfied and look forward to future purchases.

***QUOTE from Robert R.
Great guy i spoke with and fast shipping, great price what more could i ask for!

***QUOTE from Frank:
I ordered the aniiversary emblems and they are awesome. I was even glad to get a personal phone call from jeremy because there was a price diffrence. Instead of just charging me. Thanks again

***QUOTE from James F., we fixed several problems on his 300ZX Twin Turbo:
Jeremy is a nice and honest guy. He treats every customer’s car as if it were his own. Thanks for taking care of my car Jeremy.
I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work you did on my car. It is running much better now. It’s a work in progress and I know I have much more to do. I’m just happy to know I have a mechanic that I can trust and go to.

***QUOTE from Aladdin A., bought parts for his 1997 Supra TT
Thanks Jeremy

***QUOTE from John C.
Thanks for the boost leak tester Jeremy. Very courteous and rapid service.

***QUOTE from Tommy (we installed an Alpha9+ kit on his DBA GT-R:Jared, Jeremy, Seton,Just got home…ran into some weather.I wanted to tell you all how much I enjoyed finally meeting you.I know you are all wondering what my reaction is to the trip home and here it is…the car performed flawlessly! Everything works as before and I am well pleased with the new performance. I was only able to open it up one time throughout 3rd gear, but it feels just like you described. I suppose much of the added “punch” toward the red line can be attributed to the Wastegates holding the pressure longer. I really appreciate all the hard work and returning my “baby” to me in such fine shape.I look forward to working with you all again when it gets time to take it to the next level.

Take care and would love to get updates along if something new happens along.

Until next time…many thanks!!!


***QUOTE from Steven Rooks:
great service and will beat anyones price!

***QUOTE from Hisham (purchased GT-R parts):
First i would like to thanks Mr. Jeremy for his time and support, it’s relay you deal with profficinal Fairm.Thanks for SFS..

***QUOTE from Mike R., we installed several parts on his car and helped him with a timer warranty claim:Jeremy,
Just another thank you for taking care of the turbo timer. I greatly appreciate it. I am also glad to see that business is going so well.Talk to you soon,

***QUOTE from Ian L, bought parts from us:
Jeremy is awesome. He called me personally to discuss my order, notified me of shipping times, and I even got it quicker than anticipated. I’m definitely happy with my transaction and will be back for any other Supra parts I need.

***QUOTE from Jonathan H., purchased parts from us:
The transaction went very smooth and customer service is outstanding! VERY polite and prompt! I have spoken to jeremy before and was very impressed with the service. I ordered my stuff yesterday and it shipped out today “now thats what i’m talking about!”.

***QUOTE from Gary:
Hey, Thanks Jeremy for the super fast delivery. Definitely order from you guys very soon.

***QUOTE from Steven V., bought parts from us:
Great guy to deal with! Transaction was great, will buy from again! Thanks

***QUOTE from TJ:
Another satisfied customer of S4S! I purchased the HDI intercooler kit, and while fitment was a bit tricky, Jeremy was prompt in answering questions I had via email.

***QUOTE from Shaun:
Jeremy, dude! When you said you could have my coilovers here in two days, I was skeptical, but you did it! You are the man, and have a customer for life. Great customer service, and great prices. Thanks again from Albuquerque, nm.

***QUOTE from Sean, bought parts from us:
I really appreciated the constant contact and the help I received from you guys. One thing that I would recommend though, is I had to ask for the tracking number; so I would recommend that you provide the tracking number with the confirmation. Otherwise, great customer service.

***QUOTE from Cameron A.
speed for sale has great customer service. Jeremy is a very nice guy and he responds to your emails right away. I will definitely be back to purchase more parts for my car from speed for sale.

***QUOTE from Rudy Lopez, bought parts from us:
Thank you for sending the package on time. I called you guys and asked a couple of questions about the E-ttc and one of the employees answered all my questions. Thank you again. we’ll be doing business again in the near future.

***QUOTE from Joe B., bought parts from us:
jeremy has been very helpful with all the questions that i had with my supra and the supra in general. i would recommend speed for sale to anyone as they are very knowledgeable in supras.

***QUOTE from James N.:
Ordered Megan coilovers for my Supra… fast shipping with tracking numbers. The product looks of great quality.

***QUOTE from Shang, purchased GT-R parts:
Good, will deal again in the future.

***QUOTE from Gabe:
Fast shipment on The Spark Plug Cover. A++

***QUOTE from Buddha:
Wow thanx for the quick shipping! And quick response too. That’s what I
call service. I’ll leave my feedback on supraforum.

***QUOTE from Danny:
I just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service and fast shipping that i recieved from you. My exhaust system for my Supra arrived about two days after I ordered it and looks perfect. I can’t wait to install it. I look forward to doing buisness with you again. Great job and thank’s againDanny

***QUOTE from Thomas, purchased GT-R parts:
awesome services ! looking forward to but from them again.

***QUOTE from Rick D:
Jared – Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU ! for the job you and Speed for Sale did on my car !It passed emissions with flying colors ! Will be bringing it back soon for you guys to take care of the power steering pump.Please tell all of the guys that worked on the car that I said “Good Job” and I really appreciate their work…I will be in touch – and THANKS once Again !

***QUOTE from David (bought Supra parts):
I want to thank the team for speed dirty for the effectiveness of their service. I received my order very quickly and the communication is easy, it is appreciable.
See you soon for new orders.
Best Regards

***QUOTE from Ghassan (purchased GT-R parts):
Very good, knowledgeable, professional and friendly service and support. Impressive reaction to any questions or comments. My order is still on back order for now, all in all very pleased with speedforsale.com and eagerly awaiting for the parts

***QUOTE from Phillip:
Jeremy was as usual prompt and very helpful. Order process couldn’t be easier. Thanks

***QUOTE from Khaled, purchased GT-R parts from us:
You are peeeeerfect A+A+And special thanks for Jeremy Blackwell. He is the best

***QUOTE from Scotty, who had us work on his Supra:An amazing staff, full of knowledge, experience, and pride in what they do. Lightning fast response to questions, and always out of the way helpful no matter what the project or question might be. Doing business with SpeedForSale is always a great experience. I would highly recommended them to anyone looking for parts, service, or full out builds. (I’ve seen their work in person, and it’s amazing!) Do not hesitate to inquire with these guys on your needs!

***QUOTE from Abdulla, who purchased many GT-R parts:
I have been dealing with Speed for Sale for the last 2 years or so, and throughout have not been disappointed. Excellent customer service especially as I live in Dubai and correspondence is via email. The responses to my enquiries and questions about parts and modifications are always answered with much detail, which gives me the assurance before I purchase. Special thanks to Jeremy and the team.

***QUOTE from Khaled, purchased GT-R parts:
A+ A+ A+ A+
From the best site I had deal with them
Very very helpfull and fast
Thanks alot

***QUOTE from Reinaldo, who purchased GT-R parts:
Jeremy and his team are simply the best. These guys know there stuff and customer service is the best I have Experience in years. When I need something done to my GTR that requires a professional team or have any questions Speed for Sale is where I’ll go. Oh! I’m from NC and will do the drive without missing a beat. Thanks brother.

***QUOTE from Tom:
very fast shipping i ordered it sunday, got the ordered confirmed monday, and by the time i got home from work on tuesday it was waiting at the house.

***QUOTE from Ian, purchased GT-R parts:
Always a great working with such nice people at Speed for Sale. Wish you guys the best and look forward to doing more business down the road God Bless…

***QUOTE from Steve, who purchased GT-R parts:
I know virtually nothing about turbo charged cars. EVERY time I called Jeremy concerning my ’13 GTR, he was more than happy to take his time and explain everything to me. Although I found other tuners and places to buy parts, I’ll stick with Speed for Sale due to their superior customer service.

***Various Quotes from SupraForums:KenHenderson: Prompt, responsive, courteous, professional. Experience couldn’t have been better.Obiwan (Ben Phillips): Purchased block, sold TPS, all smooth, great guy!BlitzSupra (Charles White): I’ll vouch for Jeremy also. Very well informed, excellent pricing and the guy has integrity.BigDane: Bump for a jermey, he got me into supras along time ago. Ive bought several parts from him and my friend bought a rsp 97 tt from him. Everything has been of excellent service.

2DIE4: Just wanted to share my experience as an oversea customer.
I want to thank Jeremy and www.Speedforsale.com for the excellent service and the excellent parts that i recived today 🙂 top notch, A++++ i higly recommend Speed4sale.

tectyl from Norway: I bought a car from him and he helped me alot more than you should think.. even after purchasing the car… Great company. customer service is the best I have ever experienced….
I also bought some parts and same good service.. A+++++

Luv2Boost (Michelle): BTW, Jeremy is a STAND UP guy! I’ve heard nothing but great things about him, now I get to experience it first hand. If you’re ever in Atl with a problem, he’s the man to look for!

Buchum: I’m new here as you can tell. I was researching more about suspension setup and such through the search function haha, and came across a good deal with Jeremy. I went ahead and bought them and 2 days later they arrived at my parent’s house. I didn’t even know they were shipped until I came home for the weekend. LOLGood business man, good service & communication, and definitely great shipping time!. Loving the price! I recommend anyone to him. You guys probably already know that haha. Just putting my 2 cents in.


JspecSC3: Hey Jeremy! Im great! First off I want to thank you for the great customer service. Now that is how business should be done. You should be a role model to all.

BLACKMKIV: Well Im sure most of you know that Jeremy is a well respected member of the supra community. I would just like to reinforce that fact by recommending him for anyone needing a appraisal for their supra. Safeco requested an appraisal for my car, which Jeremy performed for me just in time to keep my policy from getting canceled. The appraisal was accepted by my insurance agent and safeco. I was definately pleased with his work. It is nice to have someone who can professionally document value of supras.

CWTT: I…had an appraisal done on my old supra and it was definitely worth it!

Nick_95_6spd: that’s the same Jeremy that I got my Racelogic TC from, his group buy a few years ago before he made the “big time” with Speed For Sale. He’s always been honest, reliable, knowledgeable …and a few other good boy scout traits, too.

JSpecSC3: Hey Jeremy. I just received a set of Megan Coilovers from you. Let me tell you, I was very impressed with the construction and the finish of the suspension. The spring rates are perfect, plenty of height adjustability, and way more levels of dampening than the first 3 dampers from Tein. These are actually going on my brothers car and will be installed as soon as I get a free day.

These Megans make me want to purchase another set for my car to replace my crappy Tein SS. But I decided I want to go with air suspension. I want to do the bag/shock combo. I was also wondering if you can possibly sell the damper (no spring) so I can continue with my setup. Let me know. Thanks!

tnsupra: Like Nick says…give Jeremy a call about it. Rest assured he’ll tell you the truth and is very reliable.

StuHagen: very fast response in solving issues about shipping

Sins4u33: awsome guy! ETTC switch install was easy, best mod! love it!

ATLsupra: Jeremy always provide great services and parts. Great to work with!

Duesdeceptor: Quick Shipping and Service! Thanks for the Boost Tester!

Willjs7: +1 for Jeremy. We need more vendors like him.

Troux (Coleman): Best deals, best service, best knowledge, end of story.
Always giving him a call when I need parts or just advice. he’s extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and you;re NOT going to find cheaper prices

al5dsm: +1 from me as well. He answers my 50 random questions a week

NOob1e: +1 Jeremy is a stand up guy..

Cybercyde: My car was one of his first. I’m beyond 100% satisfied with the deal, the way the car was represented, and how it was prepped/inspected before the sale. Having sold a lot of cars for a living, it’s rare to see “used cars” in the kind of shape mine was – And not just the condition of the mechanicals/paint. When you get into a 8-14 year old car, and have people stop you a few hundred miles down the road to ask what dealership they can go to order a new one like yours, you know someone spent some time detailing/prepping the car.

ghd8989: I call Jeremy Blackwell and he agrees to do an appraisal. Jeremy sends out a well written appraisal (highly recommend) and Capital One receives it and sits on it for five days. I have to call to get them to respond to me and finally get a call back from the approval department. The Capital One representative compliments the appraisal done by Jeremy and says, “a supervisor should call you by the end of the day to approve your blank check”…

aaron300: Almost forgot… Thanks for the rims/tires! Easy transaction. AAA Seller

FTR_10: Anything that Blackwell sells is top notch, so if you want it then go for it cause it is not gonna last long if he is selling it! Hey Jeremy, was I the easiest buyer you have ever had? I called Jeremy on a thursday and asked what cars he had for sale, and he told me, so I went down that evening and checked the car out, and picked it up the next day! It was a stock car, and I took it from there and ran with it!

Hua: Blackwell is the man. He let my friends and I crash at his place last year on our way down to NOPI since our previous plans to stay at another friend’s house didn’t work out. So as we’re driving down I-75S I call Blackwell with a 2 hour notice asking if we could stay at his place, and he invited us in with open arms.

Dman93tt: Yeah, jeremy is a huge help when it comes to Supras. I bought one from him last year and I have nothing but great things to say about him and his business. I only live about an hour away from him, much better than having to deal with the local dealer because they don’t seem to know shit about the stock twins.

TekkaOmega: i agree as well, i got my car through jeremy and hes an awesome stand up guy and as you said DAMN good prices.

Ren: I’ve been keeping up with Jeremy Blackwell from speed for sale… He’s been ultra nice and very helpful.

HmoobSupra: Jeremy from Speed for Sale? If so, great guy to deal with…haven’t had a chance to start up the car yet with the reworked ECU from you. After about 8 weeks..finally got my tranny back from Boost Logic…can’t wait to test the power of the new T67 kit.

SupraMan1990: Anything he sells is in great shape. No worries about getting shafted there. Good luck with it.

raven97990: Jeremy handles good stuff… and he hosts great events

m3toSupra: I use to live down the road from jeremy when he lived on Ocean Isle, I can say he is a stand up guy and anything he sells is top notch.

FastTurb_o: Purchased a used part off him, gave me a fair price, and had it at my door step in 4 business days. Thanks man!

xskaboomx: Agreed, but buying from a very reputable source (Jeremy Blackwell, extremely honost and upfront guy), is not as bad…I would never buy a car sight unseen, but in this case I felt comfortable enough to make an exception. The great thing with Jeremy is that he not only points out the good points, he specifically takes pictures of the bad points and explicitly states the car’s faults.

RRocket: I agree 100%. The most professional guy I have ever deal with car-wise for sure. Great guy, zero ego, amazing knowledge…a topnotch pro

sks: I agree – stand up guy.

hockyplyer18: jeremy@SpeedForSale great guy called me after hours right after i ordered some stuff to make sure my order was right!

TT Tercel: I had a positive experience too

Virgogasm: I too purchased my MKIV from Jeremy,and parts! Hes a great guy,awesome salesman! Speed For Sale FTW!

liljim: He found my car for me to and he is good peoples

eclipsegsx411: I can’t say enough about Jeremy, straight up honest guy, goes out of his way to help you. He found me my car, sold me my car, and is my #1 place to go to for parts… Thank you Speed4sale.com…….

Luv2Boost: Jeremy is the man for Supras! I took my car to him before he had his shop. Need to go see him soon! +1

Fanatic: Boat loads of experience on MKIV supra but also works on MAZDA, INFINITI, SKYLINE.
High end work for great pricing.

95 BPU: This place rocks !!! I ordered a Tanabe Touring exhaust from Jeremy about two days ago and it’s already here. Talk about fast shipping. I wasn’t expecting it untill next week so I was blown away when it arrived. I also have to say that the customer service I recieved was outstanding. I look forward to doing buisness with you again. A+++

Robert: +1 He has helped me out with everything ive needed.

roadracer4life: Jeremy is the man.. great products and service and they put on a hell of a track day event..


bishop03: 1# in my books

mitulparmar787 from UK: Even international orders are handled EXCEPTIONALLY by Jeremy! I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him ever. Customer service, communication, everything is just top notch.

TT_6SPD_95: Definitely a good business over there at Speedforsale! Jeremy will go out of his way to make sure customers are happy and I would personally do business with him again in an instant!

Keep up the good work Jeremy!