Buyer Assistance

UPDATE JANUARY 4, 2010: To apply for a specialty/rare/sports car loan, simply call 800-872-1965, ask for Melissa, and BE SURE TO TELL HER YOU ARE APPLYING FOR THE ‘’ SPECIALTY CAR LOAN PROGRAM! The company name is JJBest. Again, you MUST speak with Melissa only, and mention the ‘’ LOAN PROGRAM. We have worked out the details with JJBest’s manager Albert about this updated loan program for rare specialty cars such as the Supra, RX7, Viper, etc that allows the loan to be on any year, mileage, or modification level of specialty car, with only an appraisal needed if the car is over book value. You can apply for this loan program even if you are buying a car elsewhere and not through us! We can also assist by providing an appraisal if they require one, or they may send out an appraiser to inspect the car. Please contact us if you have any details.

– Rally Insurance ( **ASK FOR ELLEN ANDERSON and tell her we referred you!**

– Please inquire for auto shipping company referrals.

– Expedia (
– Travelocity (
– Greyhound Bus (