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– Any information you submit to us is protected with 128-bit encryption via a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate we have installed on our fully dedicated server. If you do not feel comfortable ordering via the internet, feel free to place your order via phone at 770-777-4774.

– Only ‘Speed For Sale LLC’ will have access your personal / credit card information. This helps ensure your information is safe with us. NONE OF YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE SOLD OR DISTRIBUTED IN ANY WAY TO THIRD PARTIES!!! WE HATE SPAM AS MUCH AS YOU DO!

– ‘’ is hosted on our fully dedicated server for superior reliability and security.

– We do NOT use any form of tracking cookies, spyware, or adware on this website! What you do online is your business and your business only! The only information we collect is referring websites (where you linked to ‘’ from, if you linked at all) so we know where our traffic comes from.

– Any information we obtain through our online forms and sections such as ‘Request-A-Car’, ‘Sell/Trade Your Car’, ‘New Parts Store’, and ‘e-Mail Notification List’ is not sold, distributed, or shown to any third parties.

– Our ‘Used Parts’ section is a public section. In our ‘Used Parts’ section, any parts you list for sale will show the information you entered on the form publicly so prospsective buyers can contact you. However, we do not sell or distribute this information to any third parties ourselves.

– In our ‘Customer’s Cars’ and ‘Feedback’ sections, if you submit your email address so that people may contact you asking for a referral about doing business with us, rest assured that your email address is NOT shown publicly on our website. Any referral requests will go through our internal mailing system and WILL BE SCREENED BY US BEFORE BEING SENT TO YOU TO ENSURE YOU DO NOT GET SPAM OR OTHER NON-REFERRAL RELATED QUESTIONS!

– If you have any other questions about how we protect and handle your privacy on our website, please email us at