Nissan GT-R R35 Parts Installation Guides

Here are entries from our ‘GT-R Installation Guides Series’ write-ups.  They are in Adobe .PDF format, so make sure you have Adobe Reader installed so you can view them:

– SpeedForSale’s R35 GT-R ‘STAGED POWER & CHASSIS UPGRADES‘ List, which shows a proven repeatable and reliable modification upgrade path:  CLICK HERE!

– SpeedForSale’s Brake Parts Weight weight guide and comparisons: CLICK HERE!

– SpeedForSale’s Turbo Timer for R35 GT-R and push button start vechiels: CLICK HERE!

– Heavy Duty Wastegate Actuator Installation and Adjustment: CLICK HERE!

– Downpipes Installation:  CLICK HERE!

– HKS EVC6 Boost Controller Installation:  CLICK HERE! (generic EVC6 instruction manual: CLICK HERE!)

– HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve (SSBOV) Kit Installation:  CLICK HERE!

– Cat-back exhaust system and Y-pipe (a.k.a. Mid-pipe or Front Pipe) Installation:  CLICK HERE!

– Nissan JDM Front and Rear Clear Side Marker Installation:  CLICK HERE!

– Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines Installation:  CLICK HERE!

– Anti-Sway Bar Installation:  CLICK HERE!

– Sparco Harness Bar Installation:  CLICK HERE!

– Spark Plugs Installation:  CLICK HERE!

– Alcon Super Kit (Massive Big Brake Upgrade:)  CLICK HERE!

– Transmission fluid drain and refill procedure:  CLICK HERE!

– Engine removal and reinstallation:  CLICK HERE!

– GReddy TD06-20G Twin Turbo System installation: CLICK HERE!

– Deatschwerks Fuel Injectors installation: CLICK HERE!

– Carbon Fiber Hood NACA duct installation: CLICK HERE!

– Carbon Fiber Fender Vents installation: CLICK HERE!

– HKS GT600 Twin Fuel Pumps Upgrade: CLICK HERE!

– Swift Suspension Coil Springs: CLICK HERE!

– T1R Polished Intercooler Hardpipes for stock type intercoolers: CLICK HERE!

– Twin Intercooler Upgrade: CLICK HERE!

– KM Motorsports 3-Piece Chassis Brace Set: CLICK HERE!

– SpeedForSale Carbon Fiber Wing: CLICK HERE!

– SpeedForSale LED Front Turn Signal Markers:  CLICK HERE!

Here are some other installation articles which we did not write:

– 2011+ (or UK Spec WITH Navigation) Rear View Camera Kit Installation: CLICK HERE!

– Dodson GR6 Bearings Identification Chart (Excel format): CLICK HERE!

– AAM Air Intakes v1: CLICK HERE!

– SSP Clutch discs and steels: CLICK HERE!

– SSP Transmission fluid cooler: CLICK HERE!

– T1R S-Coil Coilover Sleeve Kit: CLICK HERE!

– ALL Aeromotions products (R-Static, R-Dynamic, S-Dynamic, R-Splitter, etc): CLICK HERE!

– Stillen Front Lip: CLICK HERE!

– Stillen Anti-Sway Bars: CLICK HERE!

– Longer wheel studs/spacers: CLICK HERE!

– Rear parking camera that displays on MFD screen: CLICK HERE!

– Front parking camera that displays on MFD screen: CLICK HERE!

– OEM Nissan iPod Converter: CLICK HERE!

– OEM Nissan LED Front Driving Lights: CLICK HERE!

– HKS Premium Suction Kit: CLICK HERE!

– HKS GT1000 Full Turbine Kit and also GT800->GT1000 upgrade kit: CLICK HERE!

– HKS GT800 / GT800+ upgrade kit: CLICK HERE!

– HKS DCT Transmission Cooler Kit (2008-11 and 2012+): CLICK HERE!

– Lithionics Battery with NeverDie Technology: CLICK HERE!